Welcome to WuteverCanadaMusic.ca
This will be our 2019/2020 future Canadian Music Website for Canadian Bands, Singers, Songwriters to advertise their artistic creations. What we will provide is the administration & support for posting information. Basically, we do all the administration for videos, audio recording, advertising, that takes the work off of those who do not have the time or web administration knowledge to work on Internet Media. We can build individual web pages, post videos, audio, pics, etc., & maintain their websites.

The Pirate Cove, Cameron, Ontario, Canada


Get ready for the big event on Saturday, November 16th, 2019 at Treasure Island, Cameron, Ontario, Canada, "In the Derby Pit" for the STRANGE ARTIC CASH & SMASH DERBY SHOW

Starting Jan-11-2020 we will be running FIGURE 8 DEMO DERBY ON THE FIGURE 8 TRACK FOR MINI CARS AND MINI VANS-

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